Marita Cheng’s quote “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together” really sums up the working culture of the administration team at South Wangaratta Medical Centre. The South Wangaratta administration team consists of women from many backgrounds who have come from a range of other professions.  The … Read more

WE have 206 bones to keep healthy and strong. My very wise GP fairly recently broached the topic of healthy bones with me and I thought it was a topic that we definitely need to speak about more often. Bone health is something that a lot of us take for granted until something goes wrong. … Read more

By CHLOE JAENICKE IN a bold to bald move, the efforts of staff and families from the South Wangaratta Medical Centre, supported by the wider community, have helped raise more than $9000 for the Leukemia Foundation. Centre team leader Kim Ching, husband Dr Julian Fidge, their children Hypatia and Leonidas Fidge, together with Helen Finney, … Read more

By STEVE KELLY COUNCIL is more likely than not to keep a municipal rate rise under the State Government’s recommended 3.5 per cent maximum  figure for 2023–24 to ease the burden on rural city homeowners, according to Mayor Dean Rees. With inflation at 7.8pc in the December quarter and rising mortgage interest rates squeezing … Read more

By BAILEY ZIMMERMANNPHOTO: Kurt Hickling TRIMMING DOWN: Helen Finney (le ) and Kim Ching will be shaving their hair next monthfor the South Wangaratta Medical World’s Greatest Shave Event on March 15 to raise fundsand awareness for Leukaemia and blood cancers.   SOUTH Wangaratta Medical Centre will be braving the shave next month as their … Read more

with Naomi Fieldew, (CLINICAL PROJECT COORDINATOR AND NURSE, SOUTH WANGARATTA MEDICAL CENTRE.   HOW many times have we heard the saying ‘if you don’t look after yourself first, you are no good to anyone else around you’? But are we actually doing it? So many of us are devoted to our family, children, people we … Read more

HEALTH CHECK: Registered nurse Liz Jesser encourages patients to book a screening appointment. PHOTO: Kurt Hickling Id:36191Wangaratta Chronicle WOMEN aged between 25 and 74 years old are asked to take the time to book a cervical screen or mammogram, with procedures now less invasive and self–collection also available now – it could be most important … Read more

WELCOME to 2023! Another lap around the sun and here we are in January again. It is this time of year during which you will be bombarded with information suggesting that you need to rustle up some new year resolutions, choose from and embark on a new “healthy” diet (which may or may not be … Read more

THERE are countless reasons to love living in our sundrenched country. Many of us have fond memories of long summer days but most of us could also probably rustle up a few memories of nursing some sunburn after spending that little bit too much time in the sun. Sunburn is not only uncomfortable but is … Read more

published by By Chloe Hava A recent project involving visits from four hospital pharmacy interns to a rural GP clinic has helped to broaden their perspective of chronic disease management and transitions of care. Like many rural and remote areas, the northeast Victorian town of Wangaratta has been hit by a GP shortage crisis, with patients … Read more

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