Shave for the Brave

Shave for the Brave

PHOTO: Kurt Hickling

TRIMMING DOWN: Helen Finney (le ) and Kim Ching will be shaving their hair next month
for the South Wangaratta Medical World’s Greatest Shave Event on March 15 to raise funds
and awareness for Leukaemia and blood cancers.


SOUTH Wangaratta Medical Centre will be braving the shave next month as their team of doctors, patients and family members participate in the World’s Greatest Shave on March 15.

The shave will take place at the clinic and so far there are 10 members of the South Wangaratta Medical Centre team who will either be shaving or colouring their hair to raise money for The Leukaemia Foundation.

Pharmacist GP Kim Ching came up with the idea of forming the ‘Shave for the Brave’ team when she was in conversation with clinic cleaner Helen Finney, who had participated in the World’s Greatest Shave previously.

‘It’s important to raise awareness and also shaving the hair, especially for people including my children, to help explain to them that these diseases probably mean people lose their hair, so shaving your hair is a part of raising funds, raising awareness, learning about the impacts of the disease on the individual itself,” she said.

According to the Leukaemia Foundation, 53 Aussies are diagnosed with blood cancer every day, and 16 will lose their life.

Ms Ching said she is looking forward to offering the event to the community, where she encourages anyone wanting to get involved with either shaving or colouring their hair on the day to get involved, like her young 10 year old son and seven year old daughter.

“My boy is excited about it, my daughter was a bit unsure at  rst but when I explained to her about leukemia and how it can affect kids and she’s actually starting to tell people including the junior school principal about shaving her hair,” she said.

Ms Ching said she hopes to raise up to $5000 for the The Leukemia Foundation, and the team has already reached $1530 in donations. The South Wangaratta Medical Centre is planning on many fundraising activities in the lead up to the shaving day such as an auction ballot in the clinic and a raffle.

If members of the community would like to participate in the South Wangaratta Medical Centre’s World’s Greatest Shave or donate they can do so via the link:

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