A New Year, a new you?

A New Year, a new you?

WELCOME to 2023!

Another lap around the sun and here we are in January again. It is this time of year during which you will be bombarded with information suggesting that you need to rustle up some new year resolutions, choose from and embark on a new “healthy” diet (which may or may not be a fad), and engage in varying methods of exercise (are burpees thing of the past yet?)

All of a sudden, the seemingly simple idea of improving your health can become very complex. It is important to remember that health is a very individual thing.

No single parameter is able to define you as being healthy or not.

This is why it is important to engage with a healthcare professional to check in on your general health and to help you to determine what your health goals should be and how best to achieve them in a safe and sustainable way.

There are many health checks that are covered by Medicare which can be done at your medical centre.

Some of these include an over 75 years health check, an over 45 years health check, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

checks, Healthy Heart checks and various care plans depending on your current health conditions.

Some of these result in multifaceted care by dieticians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and counsellors, just to name a few.

Engaging in one of these health checks with a healthcare professional or checking in with your GP is the best way to really ascertain what your current health status is and how best to move towards an optimal level of health this year and to maintain that moving forward.

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