Dr Dipankar Chakraborty (Dr Dip)

Accreditation: MBBS
Location/s: South Wangaratta Medical Centre
Special interests: Skin Cancer Medicine

Aurora Skin Cancer Centre is led by Dr Dipankar Chakraborty who studied medicine at the Grant Medical College in India, and graduated with distinction 1988. He has 30 years of experience as a doctor. He strives to provide high quality care to his patients.

Dr Dip has done further training in skin cancer and holds 3 certificates from Health Cert in Skin Cancer Medicine/Surgery/Aesthetics and a Diploma in Skin Cancer and General Dermatology. He is able to perform a comprehensive skin cancer check and perform biopsies, complex removal and repair of skin cancers including skin flaps. Working under Dr Dip’s direction are a team of nurse’s, assisting him to provide excellent patient care.

In 2024 Dr Dipankar Chakraborty received recognition by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as having Extended Skills in Dermatology. 

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