Our clinical team, can complete the following Corporate Health Assessments: These services are performed by our clinical nursing team, and General Practitioners. Please click the relevant link for further information.  Pre Employment Health Assessments Our level A Base Pre Employment Health Assessment includes the following:  Medical History Questionnaire Drug and Alcohol Questionnaire General Health and … Read more

If your doctor is asking you to get any tests done you will need to arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor to get your results. If you have opted in for SMS communication and the GP would like to discuss the results with you, you will receive a text message prompting you to make an appointment. Please … Read more

We are able to complete the following health assessments: Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander patient health assessment heart health assessment for patients over 40 years old patients from 40-49 at risk of developing diabetes patients aged 45-49 at risk of developing a chronic disease patients over the age of 75

You can have your pathology taken onsite by Dorevitch Pathology on Monday – Friday, 8am – 1pm

Our team is happy to see children for any health concerns or routine checks. We can provide childhood immunisations, including any catch-up immunisations if required. immunisations growth assessment asthma action plans allergy advice

Aurora Skin Cancer Centre We offer a high quality service towards the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. This process involves: full skin check assessment of any spots, cysts or lesions on the skin, this may be done via biopsies minor surgery and other treatments in the clinic if any suspicious lesions are … Read more

We undertake all government funded immunisations including childhood immunisations and flu immunisations.  Our senior nurse is experienced in providing catchup vaccinations for children and adults that have not previously been vaccinated, who missed a scheduled dose, or who have not completed a vaccine series.  We have private vaccines onsite and can immunize to prevent infections contracted … Read more

A doctor can create Mental Health Care Plan’s and appropriate referrals required for individuals with mental health conditions. Long appointments with a doctor can be made on request.

Our team can provide advice on keeping healthy when travelling and any vaccines required. Please be aware that vaccines may require blood tests to be completed before they can be administered. Some travel vaccines are kept onsite and can be provided at your appointment. A private fee will apply for the purchase of these vaccines. … Read more

Doctors working at our clinics offer many services for women’s and men’s health. family planning advice antenatal (pregnancy) care contraception advice sexual health testing cervical screening breast screening referral menopause advice Implanon insertion and removal mirena removal

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